A Brief Introduction To The vivo V20


While many people tend to opt for the go phones that run on the Windows operating system, there is still a growing trend towards devices that run on other platforms. While Android and Blackberry dominate the high end smartphone market, other devices such as the iPhone and iPad have not been left behind. However, users of these Apple devices would like to be able to use them on any cell phone network in the world. Fortunately, this dream comes true thanks to the introduction of V20 from Opogee. This affordable Android smartphone has all the power of its high end brothers, but is available for a fraction of the price.

While some users are content with the trade-off of longer battery life, others prefer to have more choices. If you fall into this group, then you will love the excellent features that Opogee has managed to pack into the vivo v20. With a powerful focus on mobile design, Opogee claims to have reduced internal components by half and employed a high density silicone amoled display to shave off some more inches from your mobile screen.

The reduced battery life is compensated for by the use of the Adreno processor, which delivers some remarkable speed increase to the vivo v20. Running Android software smoothly, the two-way dual-core MSMM assembles the dielectric accelerometer, radio, and camera sensors into the handset. Connectivity is further enhanced with Opogee’s ACE instant messaging client. With direct dialing, text, and picture messaging are enabled in just a couple of clicks. Enhanced browser features, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing bring the internet to life on the vivo v20, along with a great selection of add-ons, namely the customizable skins. The customization options allow users to change skin color, icons, themes, and even add new widgets.

Another highlight of the vivo v20 is its four-line digital keyboard, which makes navigation of the physical keyboard quick and easy. A high density silicone amoled display looks stunning on the vivo v20’s keyboard, complemented by powerful hardware. Ideal for all-day usage, the battery power efficient smartphone also features fast internet access. Users can easily upload images, videos, and music to portable media players. Web browsing on the vivo v20 is swift, smooth, and effortless, thanks to its Android operating system.

The phone’s larger, 6.ava-inch, widescreen LCD vivo v20 display is capable of supporting high definition video recording and playback, though it isn’t capable of recording in HD. Despite this limitation, the vivo v20’s imaging capabilities are commendable. It comes with two fantastic camera zooms, allowing the user to take excellent images in any lighting condition. This smart camera also supports facial recognition technology for in-built image processing, including blinks of light when it recognizes a face. The two cameras on the front of the handset, as well as a secondary auto-focus mechanism make taking photographs a pleasure.

When it comes to selfies, the vivo v20 does not disappoint. With a tough and durable body, it provides a sturdy solution for those who love selfies. The front fingerprint scanner is easy to use, and the phone has a nice, wide, capacitive home button. The dual camera setup, which allows for four photos taken simultaneously, allows for better picture quality. In addition to its compact size and impressive specs, the vivo v20 definitely packs a punch.

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